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Ask anyone and they'll tell you changing a flat tire is no fun. It can also be dangerous, which is why the guy from AAA (American Automobile Association) is doing the job.

Motorist Kathy Hastings decided she'd rather watch.

"Well, I know how to change one," she said. "It's just the skeptical part comes in, where you don't want the jack to, like, fall on you when you've got it up there. So it always makes me nervous."

The folks who keep track of such things say most flat tires are caused by running over a nail, a bolt, or a screw, reports CBS "This Morning" Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum. It doesn't take a very big hole to ruin your day.

Now, you'd never drill a hole in your tire, because you know what would happen. But nothing happens with the new NailGard tire from Uniroyal. That's because this tire is designed to prevent most flats.

Tire dealer John Upenieks admits he was a skeptic, until he personally saw what the NailGard can do.

"This [tire] has probably 16 holes in it, and they kept on going," he said. "No problem. No loss of air."

Here's how they do it: The NailGard tire has a soft inner liner made from sealant.

Upenieks explains, "It seals around it, and when the nail comes back out, it kind of pulls it back through the hole, and your tire is as good as new."

Because seeing is believing, Weisbaum arranged to see this tire in action. Uniroyal provided the NailGards. Weisbaum got the nails - nice, long, sharp nails. Could the tire really roll over three nails and not go flat?

The answer: The tires performed perfectly - over and over and over again

Everyone who watched gave the new NailGard tire a thumbs up. After nearly a dozen passes, the tire was as good as new. Still 32 pounds. Didn't lose a bit of pressure.

NailGard tires aren't available in every size yet, and you will pay a slight premium for this new self-sealing technology: about $10 more a tire.

Uniroyal guarantees if the NailGard tire should fail to seal a tread puncture, Uniroyal will replace it for free. This applies to all tread punctures for the useful life of the tire within 6 years of purchase on a tread depth greater than 2/32nds of an inch.

Additionally, they're giving it an 80,000-mile manufacturer's treadwear limited warranty. The company claims it seals 90 percent of punctures up to 3/16ths of an inch.

Other products to watch for:

  • AUTOLOK 2000: This bright yellow gadget locks your steering wheel so the bad guys canÂ't steal your car and keeps them from taking your valuable air bag thatÂ's under the steering wheel.
  • JUMP IT! by Prestone: ItÂ's like having a second battery with you all the time, in case you need a jump or portable power for phones, lights, etc.
  • A squeegee that can be used to dry your car. Made from a soft silicon, it collects and whisks the water off the surface of your vehicle.
  • JUMP STAR: These intelligent jumper cables wonÂ't let you do it wrong. They have a built-in brain.
  • SUPERJACK: This tiny, remote-controlled electronic jack can lift two tons!

More Information And Product Availability

AUTOLOK 2000 (steering wheel & airbag lock) $120

  • Murrays Discount Auto Stores Illinois/Ohio/Michigan)
  • Strauss Discount Auto Stores (Philadelphia/New York/New Jersey/Washington)
  • Mail Order Number for Autolok Northwest: 888-488-8382 or go to their Web site at

SUPERJACK (electronic car jack) $150 - $160
  • Hammacher Schlemmer: item #75308D (800)543-3366
  • Electric Outlet SportsmanÂ's Market: item #9910339 (888) 333-8829
  • Logical Living: item #110019 (800) 448-9398
  • TopiX: item #T0300 (800) 478-4703
  • Detroit Edison: item #11283 (800) 573-6232
  • Silvo Home Hardware: item #WW35 (800)331-1261
  • WoodworkerÂ's Supply: (800) 645-9292
  • Absolute Amenities: Go to their Web site at
  • Browser Mall: Web site at

JUMP STAR (intelligent jumper cables)$89.95
  • Herrington Catalog: item #M105 (800) 622-5221


  • Only available MAIL ORDER: (800) 282-8828

  • Wherever Uniroyal tires are sold

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