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Controversy: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib Allegedly Does Black-Face Lil' Wayne Costume

(Facebook Photo)
Photo: Whitney Isleib dressed as rapper Lil' Wayne for Halloween.

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBS/CBS11) Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib has inadvertently stepped into a Halloween controversy by reportedly dressing up as soon-to-be incarcerated rapper Lil' Wayne in black-face.

PICTURES: Cheerleader Black Face Controversy

Photos of the blonde-haired cheerleader turned hip-hop impresario were posted to Facebook and eventually made their way to sports blog

Photo: Dallas Cheerleader Whitney Isleib.

PICTURES: Cheerleader Black Face Controversy

Offensive or just plain fun? Dallas fans are split.

"If she wasn't a Dallas cheerleader would it really matter? It's Halloween, you know. You get to go how you want to go" Cowboys fan Laura Pyhrr told CBS 11 Dallas at Sunday's game.

Another fan was less sure.


PICTURES: Cheerleader Black Face Controversy

"I'm assuming you would hold yourself up to a higher standard - especially if you're playing for the Cowboys. But wow, not much I can say about that - it speaks for itself" said fan Richard Vasquez.

No one from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or the team would officially comment, but a team spokesman told us the team is aware of the situation and addressing it internally.

Isleib was not available for comment following Sunday's game.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? All in good fun or totally tasteless?

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