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Consumers tell pollster: It's iPad or bust

Even as we learn that Hewlett Packard's TouchPad continues to struggle comes further confirmation of Apple's domination in the tablet computing market.

In a survey of 1,100 potential tablet purchasers conducted by Robert W. Baird , 94.5 percent described the iPad as a device of interest. Hewlett-Packard's TouchPad finished a distant second with 10.3 percent.

To anyone walking into an Apple store lately, the survey only underscores what's become increasingly obvious: The iPad continues to be the people's tablet computer of choice - this despite the entry into the market of new rivals. You have to sympathize with the befuddled marketing managers at HP, who recently orchestrated a $100 price reduction in the TouchPad, albeit without moving the needle very much. AllThingsD reports that a big stockpile of untouched TouchPads is gathering dust at Best Buy - selling less than 10% of the 270,000 units it was shipped - and that the retailer wants HP to take them back.

HP's not alone. The Baird survey found that just 3.8 percent of the people it polled described RIM's PlayBook as a device of interest.  The iPad's domination also fed into a related trend: If a tablet computer wasn't available, 53 percent of the people surveyed said they would have bought a new PC.

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