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What's in store for 2015 tech?

The newest (and coolest) tech innovations for... 02:40

The new year is shaping up to be one of major tech innovations as the Consumer Electronics Show prepares to unveil some of the year's most anticipated gadgets next week.

Among those items will be curved screened televisions and computers, designed to created an immersive experience for the consumer.

Digital technology in the workplace 02:23

"It does cut down on screen glare because it has this sort of concave curve to it," CNET editor Dan Ackerman said on CBSN, though "if you have a big curved TV and you're not right in the middle, then it's not as much fun."

Another big trend for the year could be virtual reality headsets. Samsung and Oculus are planning technology that allows players to step inside their favorite games for a complete immersion into that virtual world.

Will it revolutionize the entertainment experience? Ackerman was cautious on that front.

"You don't have that social utility of being on the couch with other people playing a game or watching a movie at the same time," said CNET editor Dan Ackerman. "And that's why I think the 3D glasses never really took off."

The Consumer Electronics Show is expected to kick off on Jan. 6 in Las Vegas.

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