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Connecting with Voices of the College Gridiron

Come Saturday afternoon the TV in our place will be tuned to college football. We'll surf from game to game. Looking for the good match-ups -- or teams that we particularly like. Inevitably we land on the Southeast Conference game on CBS. The football is great, the rivalries legendary. But the thing I've come to appreciate more and more over the years is the play call. Verne Lundquist shares the broadcast booth with Gary Danielson. When I hear their voices I feel like I've connected with old friends. Danielson is a fine analyst who can pick apart the game. Tell you why this worked and that didn't. And Verne, Verne is one of a kind. When the game gets revved up, so does Vern. And he's not afraid to show it. The big touchdown pass. The quarterback sack. The blocked punt. Vern is not a passive observer. When you hear him cry, oh my, then you know it's time to really pay attention.

Just A Minute. I'm Harry Smith, CBS news.

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