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Column: Obama 'is Not My President'

This story was written by Paul Thompson, The Crimson White

Well, its too early to say, I told you so, so I wont say it yet. One day soon, many of you are going to wake up and realize you voted a man you know precious little about into our nations highest office.

I am pleased we have finally progressed far enough as a country to elect a black man as president, but my only problem with now-President-elect Barack Obama is that he was the wrong man.

Plenty of other blacks could have made better candidates. Just look at people like Alan Keyes or Condoleezza Rice. Theyre more experienced, rational and not spouting off emotional rhetoric constantly.

Speaking of false hopes, Peggy Joseph of Chicago said in an interview at Obamas victory celebration that she wouldnt have to worry about putting gas in my car or paying [her] mortgage.

Whys that, Peggy?

If I help him [Obama], hes gonna help me.

Good news for Mrs. Joseph, the voters sided with Obama on Tuesday night.

Where does that leave the rest of us, though? According to Fox News, 58,076,398 people voted against Obama. What about them?

I dont know. I honestly dont. What could I say that would console them for their loss, for our loss?

What Im going to say is something Democrats have said for the last 8 years, bitter at their losses to President Bush.

Hes not my president.

So before you get on my case about not supporting the president, ask yourself if you supported President Bush. My guess is you didnt. If thats true, get over yourself. Dont expect the 58 million of us who voted against Obama to suddenly fall in line behind him like you did. We cant (and shouldnt) be expected to join you in lockstep behind your candidate a candidate we never supported.

All political correctness aside, I have absolutely no respect for Obama or his victory. I think the country made the wrong choice, and will realize it only now that its too late. John McCain may find it politically expedient to support unity in the country and whatever else, but I do not, and neither has any Democrat over the last several years.

Harry Reid has voiced disrespect for the president on numerous occasions. He has said, President Bush is a liar. He betrayed the country. He went on to call President Bush a loser in front of a middle school civics class.

Other Democrats joined him. Howard Dean said, This president is not interested in being a good president.

Besides, it isnt like the Democrats have done anything for national unity over the last eight years. We have endured attack after unfounded attack on our president, and now that coin will be flipped. I hope they can take a dose of their own medicine.

I have spent months outlining my objections to the Democratic nominee, and now that he will be president, they seem even more relevant, though I wont bore you with a reiteration.

What Im saying is that those of you who voted Obama into office on Tuesday shouldnt expect everyone else to join you in your love affair with the president-elect. I have respect for the office he will hold, but youre kidding yourself if you think all of you respected either while President Bush has been in office.

Maybe Obama will do something right, but I have to admit my expectations could not be lower. I hope for our sake as a nation that he doesnt fail, but we dont know enough about him to make that prediction yet.

The stock market has, though.

For the two days following the election, the New York Stock Exchange has finished down 486 points and 443 points, respectively. According to a Reuters article, the Nov. 5 loss represents the single largest plunge of the stck market the day after a presidential election since its inception in 1896. The drop more than erased the largest gains ever on Election Day.

Anyway, a net loss of 929 points over the two days following the election sends a pretty dismal message. Clearly, investors arent happy Obama won. If they arent happy, why should anyone else be?

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