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Coburn Comes Of 'Oscar' Age

It has taken four decades and 87 movies, but James Coburn finally has his first Oscar nomination, for a supporting role as Nick Nolte's abusive alcoholic father in Affliction.

"It was kind of shocking for a little film like Affliction to have such an incredible reaction by the public and by all the critics. Then forÂ…Nick and I to
be nominatedÂ…it's something extraordinary. We both feel honored by it. As I say, shocking,"
the 70-year-old actor tells CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

Is he going to do anything special on Oscar day March 21?

"Yeah. I'm going to get up early, shave, get my old lady dressed in her beautiful gown, and Paula will look lovely," says the actor. "She's more excited about going than I am."

When fans mention their favorite movies to him, Coburn says, they most often talk about the Flint series (Our Man Flint from 1966 and In Like Flint from 1967), as well as Waterhole #3 (1967) and, of course, The Magnificent Seven (1960).

What does Coburn see when he looks back at those movies?

"A much younger man," comes the reply. "You watch yourself growing old on television. If we could stay young like that all the time, it would be great. But that's the reality.

"No, you look at it and you say, 'Oh, uh-huh. I could have done that better. Boy, what did I do that for?' You ask yourself questions. But, you see, the reality is there is nothing you can do about it after it's up there."

His movie work slowed down after the '70s and stopped completely in the '80s because of troubling arthritis. His arthritis has been helped by a number of alternative remedies, including the natural substance MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), which has enabled him to take more movie assignments.

Coburn also has a role in the current box office hit Payback starring Mel Gibson, whom Coburn calls "a very, very smart guy. He's great, and he's a very funny guy. He's a joy to work with. It's like going to a party every day."