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CNN: Worst Media Outlet for Demonizing Businessmen

shell-prices.jpgThe media's pretty hard on businessmen, and today's episode of CNN's "Morning America" was a perfect example. Kiran Chetry conducted an interview with Shell CEO John Hofmeister, attacking oil companies for reaping profits while Americans are struggling to fill their tanks. One would think Chetry may have been interested in hearing the details of the hate mail he's received -- which includes a threatening image of him hanging from a tree. One would be wrong.

You can view the clip on the Business and Media Institute website, where you'll also find some statistics about the media's portrayal of businessmen. Apparently, CNN's one of the worst offenders; a study found the network to have presented negative portrayals 76 percent of the time, and put businessmen on the defensive 48 percent of the time.

First of all, when did CNN become a non-profit?

And secondly, for a company that provided ample coverage of Britney Spears' head-shaving and Anna Nicole Smith's death, you'd think a death threat to an oil exec would be worth exploring.

(Shell Exaggeration image by m.gifford, cc 2.0)

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