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Clinton's Date With Destiny

President Clinton will devote most of the next 3 1/2 days to preparing for what may be the single most critical day of his presidency - his testimony Monday before the grand jury.

And as the president faces this historic confrontation, there are key facts in the case which he still doesn't know, CBS White House Correspondent Bill Plante reports.

One very important question: Did anyone actually see the president and Monica Lewinksy in a compromising situation? Lawyers say most Secret Service agents who appeared before the grand jury saw nothing.

But sources tell CBS News one uniformed agent told a co-worker he did see something - but he is not telling the same story to the grand jury.

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Another major question: What, if anything, is on the dress which Lewinsky turned over to prosecutors? Allies of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr tell CBS News Starr's office will not share the test results with the president's lawyers.

The president promised two weeks ago that he would testify "completely and truthfully." Since then, he's gotten an avalanche of unsolicited advice on what to say and how to say it, such as refusing to answer some questions. Would the president do that?

The fact of the matter is, nobody here at the White House is talking to anyone about how Mr. Clinton will testify Monday.

And with good reason. The president of the United States is facing tough, pointed questions designed to demonstrate that he may have committed perjury and obstructed justice.

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