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Clinton Rides High In CBS Poll

The growing White House sex scandal has done little to shake AmericaÂ's faith in the job President Clinton is doing.

According to the latest CBS News poll, 67 percent of AmericanÂ's favor ClintonÂ's job performance. ThatÂ's up from 64 percent that approved of the job Clinton was doing two weeks ago.

Most Americans say that ClintonÂ's sexual relationships are a private matter and not something of great importance to the country. Even if Clinton lied under oath or encouraged others to lie, 53 percent say the president should apologize and the issue should be dropped. ThatÂ's compared with only 43 percent who believe the president should resign or be impeached.

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This poll was conducted among 529 adults by telephone March 16, 1998, who had been previously interviewed March 1-2, 1998. The error due to sampling could be plus or minus 4 percentage points for results based on the entire sample; the error on individual change is much smaller.

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