Clinton: Remember Columbine

President Clinton's weekly radio address Saturday zeroed in on combatting school violence and preventing tragedies like the Littleton massacre, reports CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

"No child should have to worry that a classmate is carrying a loaded gun to school. No parent should have to fear sending a child to school," Mr. Clinton said. "And no American should tolerate this level of violence against our children. There is no task more urgent. Every one of us has a role to play."

Since the Senate passed new legislation to close a loophole in the Brady Bill and require background checks at gun shows, Mr. Clinton called for immediate action.

"I hope the House of Representatives will pass every one of these common-sense efforts that the Senate has passed to protect our children from guns. And I hope they'll do it before school lets out," he said.

Mr. Clinton said, "We can't forget the children of Columbine and all the other children who were lost because their culture, their society is too violent, their laws too lax."

Finally, Mr. Clinton called on students and parents to take more active roles in preventing further violence.

"Students should work harder to promote respect among all groups at schools, not the kind of hostility and demeaning conduct and remarks we too often see when groups become gangs or cliques," Mr. Clinton said.

"Now we must, and we will, find the strength to do whatever it takes to give our children a safer future," he said.