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Clinton Gets an 'A' From the Public

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Despite a full-blown White House sex scandal, President Clinton's job approval rating has skyrocketed. Two polls released today put his approval ratings near 70 percent.

A new Washington Post poll found that 67 percent of those interviewed said they approve of the job. And, 55 percent said they are satisfied he has the honesty and integrity to serve as president.

The Los Angeles Times reported similar results. The Times poll also found that 57 percent of those interviewed had a favorable impression of Clinton.

The results are similar to the findings of the CBS News poll conducted last week which put his job approval rating at 73 percent. The president's ratings briefly plummeted after claims that he had an affair with a White House intern and then urged her to lie about it under oath.

But the president bounced back quickly with an effective State of the Union address and strong support from first lady Hillary Clinton.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 56 percent of those polled believe the allegations will blow over without causing much damage to Clinton's ability to lead the nation. Only six percent said yhe scandal would destroy his leadership.

Most were interviewed on the Times poll agreed with Mrs. Clinton's claim that the allegations against her husband are part of a right-wing conspiracy. Fifty-one percent shared the first lady's opinion, while 43 percent disagreed.

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