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Cliff Freeman's Seidenberg Starts an Ad School ($350 for 10 Lessons!)

Give him credit for being entrepreneurial: Since departing Cliff Freeman & Partners in 2008, former creative director Lee Seidenberg has been "freelancing," and now he's started his own advertising school with DeVito/Verdi CD Brad Emmett. They're offering 10 lessons for $350, and they're calling it 101 The Ad School.

Classes are limited to 10 people, which means that Seidenberg and Emmett will be getting $1,750 for each class they teach (a little less than the going wage for staff where I teach, at NYU). They're undercutting the competition considerably -- NYU's ad course is about twice the price.

Price is part of their pitch (hey, looks like they learned something during their day jobs!):

It's cheaper than other ads schools ... And there's only one class. We don't make you commit to a one year or two year curriculum.
Doubtless Seidenberg has tons of work on hand, but the notion that a man with his sterling resume will take on a teaching gig for less than $2,000 says either that he is incredibly generous or that the recession is a great leveller.

Here's the application form.