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Clemson D'Backs Are Back On Team

Two Clemson defensive backs who were suspended after their arrests on marijuana possession charges were back on the team after taking urine tests.

Coach Tommy West said Friday he reinstated Darrel Crutchfield of Jacksonville, Fla., and Alex Ardley of Tallahassee, Fla., after reviewing the case.

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  • "I have talked with the players, their parents, everyone concerned," West said. "Both players volunteered to submit to an immediate drug test. After receiving the results from an independent lab, they have been reinstated to our team."

    Athletics spokesman Tim Bourret, citing confidentiality policies, would not discuss details.

    The players, both 19, were arrested in a residence hall room on July 9 for simple possession of marijuana. Both are free on bond pending an Aug. 19 court hearing.

    Crutchfield started at safety as a freshman in the Tigers' final two games, against South Carolina and Auburn, last season and is listed as a starting cornerback this year.

    Ardley was redshirted last year and is listed as a second-team cornerback this season.

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