Cinema Reels In Moms, Crying Kids

babies grab
11 a.m. isn't the best time to see a movie but there's always a crowd on Tuesday mornings at one Manhattan multiplex. It's not about who's in the movie -- it's about who's in the theater: a bunch of mothers, a few fathers and a whole lot of babies.

"This is great. No one cares if your baby cries. You get to meet other fantastic moms," said Myong Caifa.

The theater encourages parents to bring their babies on Tuesday mornings. It even provides valet parking. It's become a weekly event for Caifa and her son Jack.

"I love it. I told my husband my son takes me to more movies than he ever did -- including dating," she told CBS News Correspondent Richard Schlesinger.

Normally moviegoers cringe when a baby comes in. Here the audience is roughly 50 percent infant. And that makes it easier for Michael Zorek who remembers what it was like taking Jeremy to a regular showing.

"He was up the entire movie," said Zorek as Jeremy ran around the theater screaming during a screening of "Legally Blonde II."

The movies are first run so the mothers can see the latest releases even if they sometimes can't hear them.

There is a constant din in the theatre

"Do you even hear the crying?" asked Schlesinger.

"No," replied Caifa. "I'm used to it -- it doesn't bother me at all," she said as Jack let out a big scream.

And there's as much activity in the seats as there is on screen.

Diapers are changed, lunch is served, noses are wiped, babies are burped.

The movie's almost beside the point. These mothers and a few fathers get to spend two hours or so outside the home, in a crowd, without worrying about whether their babies are going to disturb anyone -- now that's entertainment.

And it's good for business. The audience for these shows is always growing.

"I figured I'd come to see what it's all about," said Lisa Berk. "I still have a couple of months to go still, it's wonderful."

The movie business is always evolving and has now come to realize there's an audience that's always changing.