​Chuck Schumer: Senator, matchmaker

"I would see him at political events in New York and I would get it from him there," said John Vlasto. "You know, I'd just say, 'Hey, Chuck. How ya doin'?' He'd say, 'When are you havin' a baby?'"

Rocca asked, "Do you know how many kids he'd like you to have?"

"I think as many as humanly possible," said Megan.

So far there are 14 Schumer babies (as the Senator calls them), including the adorable Eddie Vlasto.

"So in a sense, he co-sponsored your son?" said Rocca.

"Well, I don't know..." laughed Megan.

"We know it was the two of you who made your son, just to be clear!"

Elizabeth and Farrell Sklerov even have a dog. "Schumer, give me a paw. Schumer, up! Lie down, Schumer!"

And Rocca had one last thing to clear up with the senator: "Will the public ever hear you sing 'It's Raining Men'?"

"Hope not!" replied Schumer.

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