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Chris Harwick demonstrates planking by performing the meme on George Takei on Like or Dislike

(CBS/What's Trending) - And, now for my favorite segment: Like or Dislike. Panelists G4's Chris Hardwick "Web Soup" and host of BBC America's "Ministry of Laughs" and George "It's Okay To Say Takei" Takei from "Star Trek" riffed on what they thought were good and bad trends.

Planking went over well with our panel, especially after Hardwick decided to plank on Takei. You guys seemed to enjoy the planking as well. We also talked about the CDC zombie apocalypse guide and Glenn Beck's new social buying venture. Also, we talk about what's On The Rise for next week. Count on the battle between "Hangover 2" and "Kung Fu Panda 2," Memorial Day weekend and the the Indianapolis 500 and Oprah's last show to be topics of conversation.
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