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Chip Breakthrough From IBM

A number of chip manufacturers have spent years trying to do it. IBM has made it work. Tom Beermann of IBM Microelectronics...

"We've perfected a process for building high speed transistors that will be used to deliver higher performance microchips for things like servers and mainframes, as well as more power efficient chips for battery operated handheld devices."

Such as cell phones.

"It'll be a significant advantage in terms of battery life for laptop computers, cell phones and other kinds of electronic devices that rely on batteries."

. And the insulation could mean that microprocessors designed to operate at 400 MHz could achieve speeds of well over 500 MHz. The industry has been pursuing the silicon on insulator technology for fifteen years. Some attach more importance to it than others. As for the IBM advancement, consumers will soon be able to judge for themselves...

"IBM's planning to put this new technology into production beginning next year."

Big Blue believes the low power aspects of the technology will be a key in the creation of new hand held information appliances.

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