China's Mobile Phone Users Are Double the U.S. Population

Chinese Character image by Roland [cc, 2.0]The Chinese Ministry of Information wants the world to know how connected their population is. In fact, it may not be too difficult for a country over one billion strong to report that 539.4 million Chinese now use mobile phones, which would trump the entire American adult population more than twice over.

What's really shocking about Chinese mobile phone users is their prodigious use of SMS, perhaps because of the limited broadband and email access, especially in rural areas. Mobile phone users in China logged 538 billion text messages in 2007, representing a 37.5% increase over a year ago. Some say the real growth in the Chinese market, though, will come when broadband internet fully blankets the country. Currently only 5% of the country has high-speed broadband internet access. Such growth could be a boon for companies like Beijing's Baidu or telecom giant, Huawei.

Until then, Chinese companies frustrated with the fact that the iPhone isn't available in China have made an iPhone clone that's more functional than its progenitor -- and they're selling it for even less (about $270 U.S.D.) Shake-to answer! Why didn't Stevo-J think of that?

Chinese Character image by Roland [cc, 2.0]