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Check Out The Smart Sneaker

There's a new athletic shoe for kids that's electronic. And to help introduce the high-tech shoe, the world famous Harlem Globetrotters appeared on The Saturday Early Show.
Reebok enlisted the Globetrotters to help inspire children to challenge themselves physically and lure them away from TV and the video game center this holiday season.

The sneaker called Traxtar was developed to encourage children to become more active. It can measure how fast you can run, how high you can jump and how far you can leap.

To use the shoe, simply select one of the following three events: the high jump, sprint or long jump. When you hear three short beeps and one long beep, you can begin.

Once the event is over, the shoe rates whether the performance was bronze, silver or gold. Within each of those categories, there are six other levels - for a total of 18.

Designed for children, 6 to 11, the shoe uses a motion sensor along with a microprocessor to measure performance. And it does this through a computerized pod held in the tongue of the shoe.

The shoe, which will be sold in selected retail markets this month, will hit the rest of the nation in January. The suggested retail price is $55 to $65.

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