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Chase Yields Robbery Suspects

A holdup Thursday at a Bank of America led to a wild, high-speed chase from Bakersfield, Calif., to south Los Angeles.

Two of four suspects in the Bakersfield robbery led police on a two-county chase that reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. The car chase ended only when the vehicle spun out of control, crashing on the freeway. But then the two suspects continued the chase on foot.

The unfolding drama was covered live by several Los Angeles television stations, including CBS station KCBS, as the driver weaved through traffic. The driver lost control of the car near the Pasadena tunnels and struck a guardrail, spun into a center divider, then spun around and slammed into another.

The suspects jumped out of the smoking car and leaped the highway divider, one of them coming very close to being run down by oncoming traffic. The pair leaped over a highway wall and headed toward a garage where police picked them up.

The takeover-style holdup began around 11AM PST in Bakersfield. Police say the suspects may have stolen the car to be used in the getaway that followed.

The chase began with the car heading towards LA, speeding south on Interstate 5. It ended with the wreck at the Vernon Avenue carpool lane in south LA.

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