Census: We're Fat, Lonely, Smelly

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If the Census Bureau has their numbers right, we're fat, lonely and our neighbors smell funny. Yes, apparently the Census Bureau asked, CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports.

Almost four million Americans told them they are bothered by odors coming from their neighbors. And about half of them want to move, but they're not willing to get off the couch.

Americans will spend the equivilant of 65 days in front of the TV and a little over a week surfing the Internet.

Never has a nation hoped more that the numbers do lie. Yep, we're the fattest on the planet. Thirty percent of Americans are obese. And our waist lines aren't the only thing expanding.

The abstracts show the average size of a home in the U.S. is getting bigger. We're up to 2,227 square feet.

And about those feet: America has a shoe fetish. Consumers bought 2.1 billion pairs of imported shoes this year. That's seven pairs a person.

"More" is the new motto. The majority of college freshman in the 1970's said their goal was to "develop a meaningful philosophy of life." Today, students say "being very well off financially" is the philosophy.

And apparently, the only thing we thirst for more than money is water. In the 1980's, we drank 2.7 gallons of bottled water a year. Now it's up to 23.2 gallons. The Census, did not check on rest stop visits, thankfully.

One more interesting number is that about 13 million people have created blogs, but only 39 million say they read someone else's blog. Crunch the numbers. That's an average of three readers per blog.

A lot of you might just want to send an e-mail.