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Celine Dion Gets Personal

Five-time Grammy-winner Celine Dion will be performing tonight on the first ever "Grammy Nominations Concert" live on CBS. The diva is currently on a worldwide tour. Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen caught up with her in Los Angeles.

From her first soaring note, an evening with Celine Dion promises to dazzle. She's the world's best-selling female artist with over 200 million albums sold.

Chen asked about Dion's hit song, "My Love," which could get nominated during tonight's live Grammy Nomination Concert.

"It took me forever to record it in the studio. I was crying every single time," Dion says. "There is a part of me that hurts, and I'm not quite sure why."

For the first time in a decade, Dion has taken her show on the road.

Her "Taking Chances" tour is selling out arenas around the world. But this tour is special because she's sharing it with her 7-year-old son, Rene Charles…who insists on his rock star locks.

"My son loves his long hair and it doesn't bother us. We see he's got long hair and when he's ready, maybe he'll be 55 when he's ready! His dad doesn't have any. He wishes he had his hair," she says with a laugh

How does he feel about sharing his mommy with the world?

"We are normal people, but we have a very, very different life. And I always look at my son and sometimes I feel guilty and bad because children need stability," she says. "I'm proud of Rene Charles because he copes and he's let me do my things. But I tell you, when I am in my PJ's, that's his favorite time and it's mine too."

Before diving into this new tour, Dion headlined her own high-energy show in Las Vegas for five years. The show earned over $400 million, but success comes at a cost.

The singer, who admits to over-working herself, had to cancel dates due to throat problems.

"I had a sinus infection and then throat infection and after 14 days, I caught another virus," she says. "It's a sign for me, my body is tired and my body needs a rest. I have this drive of life and performing, I love what I do! But it's possible, and I have to hear myself saying, 'It's possible, Celine, that you're a little bit tired out, and it's OK to take a break.'"

The Grammy Nominations Special will pay tribute to classics like Janis Ian's "At Seventeen," which Dion will perform.

"It's a very deep, extremely sad song," she says. "The kids today go through so much. You have to look that way, you have dress that way and you have to be that thin. I think that's why I always hated school. I didn't fit in. I didn't look pretty. I didn't feel pretty. And I think that's why I can sing that song."

When her tour comes to a close next year, Dion says she and her manager husband, Rene Angelil, have one more project that's close to their heart.

"Is it true you want to expand the family and you have a frozen embryo?" asks Chen.

"Yes, we do have a frozen embryo. We'd love to extend the family," she says. "I started to talk to Rene Charles about it. He said 'Can we have four and five?' So if we're blessed again, I will be very happy to come back and do another interview with you and talk about it. I will be the first one to be extremely happy."

Other live performances tonight include BB King, John Mayer and the Foo Fighters. The Grammy Nominations Concert Live - Countdown to Music's Biggest Night begins at 9.p.m. ET.
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