Caucasus Militants Urged To Ambush Low Flying Russian Planes, Poison Water Resources

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The man in charge of the "Mujaheddin Services Bureau" advised militants in Chechnya to target low-flying Russian aircrafts near the Georgian border.

Abdel Salam Aqida called on Chechen commander Mohannad to also cut the logistical support to the Russian units fighting in Georgia, launch rocket and mortar attacks on Russian positions and plant landmines and roadside bombs on main roads. The advice came in a 2000-word statement issued by Aqida and posted on the Internet. Aqida also recommended that a group of militants sneak into Georgia and launch attacks on Russian forces in order to "escalate the war even further, and drain the resources of both sides." Other attack suggestions by Aqida included "performing suicide attacks inside Russia and poisoning water sources."

The Mujahideen Services Bureau had initially been set up in the 1980s by al Qaeda's ideological founder, Abdullah Azzam, in Peshawar and served for many years as a station and training ground for new Arab recruits fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Last July, an Internet statement was posted on several forums announcing the re-opening of the bureau after 18 months of inactivity. The statement bore the signature of "Abdel Salam Aqida" and promised to provide new strategic studies, books and military training manuals.