Carol Alt's Spin On The Modeling Biz

Model Carol Alt has graced the covers of more than 700 magazines throughout her successful career.

Now she's taking her experience and fashioned it into a novel called "This Year's Model."

Although Alt has penned books before based on health and nutrition, this is her first novel.

"I wanted to teach in an entertaining kind of way. I have a wealth of knowledge about the modeling industry and how to create a career, not just survive the season. I wanted to be able to teach the girls coming in to the business what it's all about and what to expect. Nobody tells them and they're shocked," Alt said.

The novel is based on newcomer model Melanie, but in reality the character is Alt.

"I had to make it relevant to today. To write a memoir would have been boring. A novel incorporating my experience and how I handled things and what girls should expect coming in to the business and what their parents should expect coming in to the business would be more relevant to today's girls," she said.

Times have changed since Alt got into the modeling industry. She admitted that at the time there weren't any cell phones, which can provide protection in a time of need.

Alt pointed out the misconception that young girls today have about breaking into the modeling industry and becoming instantly famous.

"Being famous wasn't a one-hit job and all of a sudden you're famous. Being famous was about building a career. It was one job and another job, building blocks in a wall of bricks. It wasn't just one giant rock that made a career. So I wanted to teach women that it's not easy or quick. It's about building a career," Alt said.

Alt stressed the importance of leaning on family while pursuing a career in modeling. Alt leaned on her mother, who never made her feel like a failure if she wanted to come home.

"It's not about failure; it's about trying something and risking something for attaining your goal. So, I never thought about if I didn't make it, I would be a failure. For a lot of girls today, they're like if I don't make it, I'm this huge failure so they'll do anything. And that's where the problems come in."

Alt, is still going strong, proving that at any age, lessons can be learned in the modeling business.

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