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Canine Castaway Comes Ashore

She's here. Forgea, the two-year-old dog whose story of being cast adrift on the high seas made international headlines arrived in Honolulu Thursday morning.

Forgea, who spent 24 days alone on an abandoned fuel tanker, wore a lei of red flowers as she faced the media for the first time.

The brown-and-white terrier mix was held by Dr. Becky Rhoades of the Kauai Humane Society aboard the tug that brought her to Hawaii. The tug was dispatched by the Coast Guard to tow the disabled tanker Insiko 1907.

Hawaiian Humane Society officials say she'll be taken to first to the state quarantine in Halawa to be microchipped, then to a private veterinarian for an examination.

Under state law, she must be placed in quarantine for 120 days.

Humane Society spokeswoman Eve Holt says the dog will spend the four-month period at the Kauai Humane Society, where there are fewer dogs than at the state facility on Oahu.

CBS News' Manuel Gallegus reports the Hawaiian Humane Society spent about $50,000 to get the gutted ship towed back to land, much of it from donations.

The dog's Taiwanese owner, Chung Chen-po, said recently that his dog's name is pronounced "Hokget" in Taiwanese, which means "happiness, good fortune, blessing - all that is good."

Chung's friend, Michael Kuo, of Honolulu, plans to adopt the dog.

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