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Can Apple Make iMac Comeback?

Apple is hoping for a comeback with the new iMac. The iMac is a new, Internet-ready home computer the company claims you can plug in and be surfing the Internet in under ten minutes, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports.

The iMac stands out because it is consists really of just one piece and is designed like a piece of pop art. With see-through green plastic and a near-tear drop shape - the iMac looks nothing like the beige boxes of the past.

But the iMac has critics who say it's not easily expandable. And they slam Apple's decision to not install a floppy drive.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs tells CBS News the floppy is obsolete and that iMac's new Universal System Bus will allow consumers to expand the computer's capabilities and use external floppy drives which will sell for about $70.

Apple has already taken over 150,000 advance orders for iMac. That's better than any previous Apple product.

At a special midnight sales event Friday evening, a Santa Monica store sold 100 pre-bought models as customers jostled to buy up the remaining 50.

During the sales event, iMacs were removed from boxes and set up in the stores in order to demostrate to customers how quickly and easily the machines could be readied for use.

Critics, meanwhile, say iMac and its Cupertino, California manufacturer are both destined for failure.

However, the company's obit has been written before.

Watch Vince Gonzales' report on the CBS Evening News on Sunday to learn more about Apple's hopes for an iMac comeback.

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