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Business Travel: Where to Find Internet on Flights

All U.S. carriers have or are adding Wi-Fi to their fleets, with in-flight Internet access on schedule to be commonplace by the end the year. Here's what you can expect today:

Airline Current Availability Future Plans
AirTran All AirTran flights departing from U.S. destinations n/a
Virgin American Fleet-wide n/a
Delta About 400 aircraft Entire domestic mainline fleet in 2010
American Airlines All 767-200 aircraft and on select MD-80 aircraft Coming soon on fleet of 737-800
United Airlines On 13 Boeing 757-200 "premium service" aircraft flying between JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX Coming to United's fleet of Boeing 777s by end of 2010
JetBlue Testing limited email and IM on one Airbus A-320 -- "BetaBlue" -- without charge
No announced plans
Southwest Four aircraft Entire fleet in 18 months
US Airways On select Airbus A321 aircraft On all 51 aircraft by June 1
Alaska Airlines In the process of installing on its Boeing 737-800s Entire fleet to follow (no date available)
Air Canada On two transborder aircraft in U.S. airspace Entire fleet to follow (no date available)
Continental Airlines Not yet available Coming soon to 21 Boeing 757-300 aircraft that primarily fly domestic routes

(Sources: Airlines and Aircell)

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