Burning Calories While Saving Cash

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
With the price of oil hanging around $75 a barrel, and with much of the country fighting obesity, there's a great opportunity to think about changes we can make in our lives that will save us money — and maybe even save our lives.

Bicycling magazine had that in mind several years ago when it started giving away bikes. The magazine just gives them away — and watches the changes that happen in people's lives.

Biking is a form of exercise that's easy on the joints and user friendly for all kinds of folks. The folks at Biking figure that an hour on the bike burns about 450 calories. That's a lot!

Bicycling has run all kinds of follow-up stories telling about people who have lost life-changing amounts of weight, and about people who have started using their free bikes for commuting instead of their cars. The magazine will give away 50 bikes in a dozen cities this year.

Check out Bicycling magazine's Web site to learn more.

Good for you. good for the environment ... and you save money. What are you waiting for?

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By Harry Smith