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Burgerville Tests Listing Calories on Receipts

There's been a lot of talk about listing calories and other nutritional information on restaurant menu boards, but Burgerville is taking the trend a step further.

A Portland, Ore. location of the burger chain now includes calorie totals, proteins, fats and carbs right on customer receipts. The totals take into account customers' specific requests, and below the calorie totals, there might be a suggestion for healthier alternatives, such as ordering the same sandwich but without cheese.

The chain is in the early stages of testing this program, which began in June. Burgerville has not yet decided whether to implement the system in all of its 39 locations.

More and more cities, counties and states are implementing menu labeling laws requiring restaurant chains to list nutritional information on their menus. Most chain restaurants now support a federal law because it would be easier than having inconsistent requirements for different locations.

Oregon recently passed a statewide labeling law, but Burgerville says it's difficult to account for all of the possible combinations of cheeses, breads and sauces, which is why it came up with the receipt tally idea.

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