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Burger King's "Shower Babe" Web Cam Sure to Offend

Burger King (BKC) has again decided to risk offending consumers with a promotion in Britain featuring a "shower babe" who, each morning, takes a shower in front of a web cam while singing -- quite badly -- a pop song and wearing a bikini, both chosen by viewers the day before. "Watch the shower babe shake her bits to the hits at 9:30 a.m. every morning," the site says. Among the swimsuit tops viewers can choose is one featuring two fried eggs on straps.

The promo is merely the latest in a chain of juvenile, porny advertising that BK and other fast food chains -- with the noticeable exception of McDonald's (MCD) -- have engaged in over the last few years. Examples include Hardee's "Name Our Holes" campaign, Quiznos "2 Girls 1 Sub" effort and its "Put It In Me" commercial for its torpedo sandwich, as well as BK's previous "blow your mind" ad. The effort is sure to offend some because it's sexist, and others because it displays such little imagination. (Pine Sol proved recently that sexy ads need not be brainless.)

BK's marketing director in the U.K. is female. Sarah Power said in a statement that she doubtless cringed while writing:

"Our shower-cam gives hungry Brits the chance to watch the BK Shower Girl singing in the shower every day to help them work up an appetite for our fantastic new breakfast range."
When asked by Ad Age to explain why BK is seemingly uninterested in its female consumers the company said:
"Our research showed that breakfast is a male-centric audience for Burger King; it doesn't resonate as well with women -- we are targeting the people who are buying breakfast."
So, it's all the fault of women for not buying breakfast at BK!

Agency credits: Pancentric Digital and Cow PR.

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