Bring On The Corrections!

Bob Schieffer
Here's the latest commentary by CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer as seen on CBS News' Face The Nation.

Maybe it says more about me that it does about the newspaper, but I've become addicted to The New York Times corrections column.

For example, Dr. Sherwin D. Strauss is not dead, as the Times reported last week. Just retired. In Maryland. Most any newspaper that makes that mistake would correct it.

But who but the Times editors would be so conscientious they would feel compelled to tell us that John Herzfeld's 1996 movie was "Two Days in the Valley," not "Three Days in the Valley " as the Times mistakenly reported?

And who but the Times would point out that an article on Monday misstated the site of the glass flowers that Martha Stewart is planning to visit. Got a pencil? The flowers are in the Harvard Museum of Natural History, not the Fogg Museum.

Now who do you suppose caught that one? Was it a jealous reporter trying to show up who ever wrote the item. Or did Harvard call? Or was it Martha? Surely not. As busy as she is whittling cocktail toothpicks or some such, she wouldn't have had the time.

And, yes, it is a relief to know that what makes trees grow straight up on hillsides is a combination of phototropism and geotropism, and not phototropism alone as the Times had reported Tuesday.

I just love The New York Times.

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