Bradley Cooper cuts loose with family in Philly

Funny stories start pouring out when actor Bradley Cooper's Italian family gathers around a table in his hometown of Philadelphia

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How did Bradley Cooper's Italian cousin from Philly manage to crash the Oscar-nominated actor's big moment on 60 Minutes? "That's his one-man entourage," explains Steve Kroft in this week's 60 Minutes Overtime feature.

Kroft and 60 Minutes producer Michael Karzis say they didn't set out to include Cooper's cousin, Colin Campano, in the interviews or in the final 60 Minutes piece, but once they saw how the two cousins behaved together--laughing and telling stories-- the 60 Minutes crew decided to invite Cousin Colin to stay.

"He knows Bradley incredibly well," says Kroft. "And when we had the two of them together, I saw a side of Bradley that I had never seen before."

In the above video, Kroft and Karzis take viewers on a tour of this week's funniest moments in Philly with Cooper and the Italian side of his family.

This video, "Bradley Cooper cuts loose with family in Philly" was produced by 60 Minutes Overtime's Lisa Orlando and Ann Silvio. It was originally published on February 15, 2015.