Boy Unhurt In Ride Wedged Under Van

A simple game of hide-and-seek nearly had disastrous results for a little Utah boy. Four-year-old Taylor Harris decided the best place to hide would be under a neighbor's minivan.

When he didn't come home on time, family and friends started looking for him, including the woman who owned the van.

Robyn Stone drove for more than a mile until she heard the boy crying. That's when she made a shocking discovery — Taylor was wedged under her vehicle near a spare tire.

Taylor Harris, his mother Rachel and Robyn Stone joined The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith in New York on Friday to share their story.

Robyn, who has a son Taylor's age, says the kids where playing hide-and-seek. She realized something was amiss when she didn't see Taylor go home.

"You know, I always watch him go home. I make sure they go in the door and that Rachel knows that they're home. We live right next door, well across the street," Robyn explained. "And the door was open, and I hadn't seen him go in the house."

Robyn says she then called Taylor's mom. What was her reaction?

"No, I haven't heard the door open so he must not have come in the house," Rachel recalled. "I ran down the stairs immediately, we kind of met in the middle of the street trying to see what had happened, figure it out real quick."

The two women say they were calling for Taylor and realized something was wrong after about five minutes, when he failed to answer.

"He's not coming out and then 10 minutes went by and that's when I made the 911 call because I figure, OK, he's been gone too long," Rachel explained.

She admits Taylor is pretty "precocious." "He's his own little man. That's a good way to put it for Taylor."

Panic set in and Robyn decided to jump in her van and search the neighborhood for Taylor. "He's not at my house, he's not in the yard. I've got to go further. I've got to go to a park," she recalled.

Asked how fast she was going, Robyn said, "At first, I started out 20 miles an hour, maybe less, and then I got on the main road which goes to the other park that I was going to and it was like 40, 45 miles an hour."

She was unaware that Taylor was huddled underneath the van, hanging onto a bar.

Asked by Harry Smith whether he was scared, Taylor nodded.

Robyn says she didn't hear the little boy at first until she started to head back.

"I heard him cry, panic cry — you know, a scared cry," she explained. "And so I immediately stopped my car, right in the middle of the road and got out and was looking from side to side. Maybe he was at a school. Where am I hearing him cry? I couldn't figure it out and then I realized."

When they returned to Taylor's home, his mother says Robyn was in tears.

"He came back to our house, our two houses and she was just a mess, she was crying, she could hardly talk and she said 'I found him, Rachel,' " she explained. "He was sitting in the car. I was like, 'OK, good.' She's like 'Under the car.' I was like, 'What?' "

Rachel says when the first officer responded to the 911 call, he was just as floored by the incident as they were.

Asked if she wonders if miracles do happen, Robyn said: "Well, we know they do. … I don't wonder anymore. There were definitely angels under the car."