Boy Faints During Arnie News Conference

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was startled Wednesday when a 12-year-old boy fainted during an outdoor news conference at the boy's school in Sacramento.

Theo Scott-Femenella was standing near Schwarzenegger as someone else was at the podium when Scott-Femenella


Schwarzenegger noticed and rushed to his aid, helping the sixth-grader off the stage, to his father.

On the The Early Show Thursday, a healthy-looking Scott-Femenella told co-anchor Harry Smith he'd missed a meal, "and it was really hot, and I was wearing a three-piece suit. So the heat just came to me," and he fainted.

He told Smith he later remarked to Schwarzenegger, "Darn that global warming!"

Schwarzenegger's news conference at the Norwood Elementary School was about the No Child Left Behind Act and the importance of improving student performance.

Scott-Femenella's mother, Renee Scott-Femenella, is principal of the school.

She told Smith, "The governor was so kind to (my son) and helped him so much that he's willing to, like, be on national television with the fame of having fainted in front of the governor."

She added that Theo had fainted onced before, in fourth grade: "He was serving in the cafeteria and just fell into the lettuce, you know? And it's the kind of thing that happens when the day is hot and you don't have enough water in your body. Um-hm!"

Theo says he's learned his lesson.