Need some incentive to shop on the Internet? Now you can rack up frequent flyer miles with your mouse, and get rewards for online shopping.

A company called Netcentives has launched a new online currency called click points. Netcentives CEO West Shell explains:

"Well, consumers move from our different partner sites...they'd go to 1800 Flowers and they'd buy a certain bouquet and earn 300 click points and each click point is good for one frequent flyer mile. They'd go over to Music Boulevard and buy three CDs and they'd earn another hundred click points."

And nearly all frequent flyer programs are taking part.

"The wonderful thing is once they've amassed these points...they don't expire...and then they can choose which airline or which other travel partner they want to redeem their points for. So, electronically, they'd say, I want to go to Hawaii...I need another five thousand miles in my American account...and they'd go ahead and put those right into their American Airlines AAdvantage account."

There are other rewards programs taking part as well. And, says Shell, consumers are ready.

"The thing that's very interesting is of the fifty two million people in the country that are part of the frequent flyer programs...thirty million of those people are currently online."

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