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Bodycam videos show moments after shooting death of Jason Walker by off-duty deputy in North Carolina

Authorities released videos from the moments after a Black man was allegedly shot and killed by an off-duty deputy in North Carolina. The three videos showing the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Jason Walker were made public after a judge earlier ruled they could be released.

In one video, officers appear to be standing at the scene — a red truck is visible in the background and multiple people are standing around as medics appear to be treating Walker on the ground. They are speaking to people who said they witnessed the shooting. One man says Walker jumped on the hood of the red truck before the driver shot him. Another man says he is the victim's father.

Screenshot from bodycam video taken the moment after the shooting death of Jason Walker in North Carolina.

In the second video, also taken at the scene, the man who identified himself as Walker's father says his son was in a nearby yard before the shooting. He said he tried to get his son to come back but instead he ran into the street and jumped on the truck's dash before he was shot. 

Screenshot from bodycam video released Friday in the shooting death of Jason Walker.

The third video shows an officer asking a man and woman what they saw. The woman identified herself as a nurse and said she had blood on her hands form trying to render medical aid.

According to the woman, the driver of the SUV shot at Walker while he was on the ground. She said it was unclear if the SUV struck Walker or if Walker had jumped on the car. The woman said she didn't see any threat from Walker and "he didn't have anything on him."

The woman tells the officer that after the shooting, the alleged shooter identified himself as a "sheriff" and said he was protecting his family from the man who had run up to their car. 

Screenshot from bodycam video released Friday in the shooting death of Jason Walker.

Fayetteville police said Monday that a preliminary investigation into the Saturday shooting determined that Walker, 37, "ran into traffic and jumped on a moving vehicle." Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Lt. Jeffrey Hash shot Walker and then called 911, police said. Walker was pronounced dead at the scene.

In the 911 call obtained by CBS affiliate WNCN on Tuesday, a man who identified himself as a lieutenant with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office told the dispatcher that he had just shot a man who had jumped on his vehicle and broken his windshield. The caller said he had been driving with his wife and daughter in a red Ford F-150 when a man ran across the road, prompting him to stop so he wouldn't hit him. The caller then said the man jumped on his car while screaming, pulled his windshield wipers off, and started striking his windshield until it broke. 

The recording also captured people on the scene yelling at the caller to ask where he shot the victim. The caller described the people on the scene as "hostile." 

Hash was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, the sheriff's office said Monday. His attorney told CBS News on Tuesday that his client is "devastated" by what occurred. 

"They're devastated for the family of Jason Walker," the lawyer said in a statement. "They're devastated for their community." 

Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney who represented the family of George Floyd and has been retained by the Walker family, told a rally at a Fayetteville church that Walker was the single father of a 14-year-old son.

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