Bob's Blog: VP debate

Last night's debate was anything but boring with Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan going head to head over foreign policy, Medicare, unemployment, you name it. I wouldn't say either Biden or Ryan was disagreeable but boy, did they disagree. I was riveted, watching it from start to finish because last night really was an example of what these debates are all about.

Now I'm sure that Republicans will come away saying Ryan won while the Democrats will say that Biden was the winner. But I'll tell you, I think that both scored points in that they presented a clear contrast. On a whole, the debate was entertaining and substantive, there's no way of getting around that.

Quite frankly, we'll have to wait and see what happens in the polls but this was everything that last week's presidential debate between Governor Romney and President Obama was not. Last week had people scratching their heads and wondering, why didn't the president go after Romney? Well, nobody is going to accuse Biden of that. This was everything but brass knuckles where we saw Biden come out of the gates swinging while Ryan played defense.

Theatrics aside, when it comes down to it the debate this brought up some very serious issues. Certainly, I thought it was interesting to hear the contrasts between the two, especially on foreign policy and the situation in Libya. Just a few weeks ago, we had United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice say on our show that the attacks in Libya were all a spontaneous demonstration in response to a YouTube video. But just before that, the President of Libya Mohamed Yousef el-Magariaf told us there was no doubt that this was an act of terrorism. We've been pursuing the story ever since.

But what really happened in Libya? What didn't happen? Were we blindsided? We'll explore these questions on this Sunday's show with the House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, who led the hearing on Libya this week, as well as Senator Lindsey Graham, who traveled to Libya with Senator John McCain not so long ago. Then, we're going to get the other side of the story with Congressman Elijah Cummings, the leading Democrat on the Oversight Committee. Finally, we'll hear from an expert panel and dig into this story because it's not over yet.