BNET Energy Scoops the New York Times

Scooping the New York Times doesn't happen every day, which is why it's great to see the Gray Lady following David Phillips in reporting on a shortage of deep-sea oil-drilling ships. Alert readers of BNET Energy may recall that David was one of the first to report on the subject back in early May, when he noted that daily rental fees for these ships had doubled in the past three years and that new rigs were fully committed through at least 2011.

David also predicted that daily rental rates would soon exceed $600,000 -- which, according to the Times, they now have.

That item previously earned David a nice mention in the FT's Alphaville blog, which cited his reporting on what it called "a significant and often overlooked aspect" of oil-industry production constraints. Sadly, the Times didn't see fit to do likewise, but such is often the fate of bloggers where the mainstream media is concerned.