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BNET Daily Dispatch: Motorola, Google, BlackBerry, and American Airlines

  • Motorola announced a first quarter loss of $181 million. The company also experienced its first decline in sales in four years. Analysts say Motorola failed to participate in some low-end product opportunities, and hasn't come up with a feature-packed phone to replace its best-selling Razr model. The company's chief executive, Ed Zander, said he plans to cut 3,500 jobs and focus on improving product designs.
  • Google unveiled yesterday a new online presentation software to round out the Google Docs & Spreadsheets offering. The slideware completes what most PC users consider to be the "Office Suite," although Google chief executive Eric Schmidt downplayed the competition with Microsoft. Two free versions will be made available this summer, along with a "Premier" version with extra storage space for $50 a year.
  • Research in Motion experienced some technical problems last night which cut off email services to its BlackBerry users in the United States. The company did not identify the cause of the network problem but said that it is monitoring systems closely. The problem was resolved early this morning but a large backlog of emails will likely disrupt or delay service for some time.
  • American Airlines, the first airline to report quarterly results, posted an $81 million profit. This is the first time the company has shown a first quarter profit since 2000, and analysts see the news as a good omen for the struggling airline industry. American Airlines was successful in their initiatives to increase fares, fill more seats, and cut operating costs.
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