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BMW Motorcycle Stars in Million-Click Video

A BMW motorcycle, the new BMW S 1000 RR, is creating some buzz for the brand. In a YouTube posting, the vehicle pulls off what BMW calls "the oldest trick in the world": the bike snatches a tablecloth out from under a full banquet setting, without upsetting anything.

That simple idea, along with a soundtrack mixing rock, classical music, and a roaring engine, has gotten BMW more than 1.4 million clicks and an online advertising award earlier this month, the company said. (The incredible video is loud, but otherwise suitable for work.)

In the Venn diagram of the BMW brand image, there's not much overlap between motorcycles and cars. In fact, for most people there's no overlap, because they're not even aware the company makes motorcycles. That's frustrating to BMW, because its automotive employees are proud of the bikes, too, and many of its highest-ranking auto executives are also motorcycle enthusiasts

Both kinds of BMW have a lot in common: high-performance technology, a reputation for being among the best-in-class; and a high price tag. In relative terms, BMW motorcycles may be even more expensive, exclusive and high-performance than the automobiles. For instance, the BMW S 1000 RR goes from zero to 62 mph in only 2.9 seconds, much faster than any ordinary car. This is what allows it to pull off the tablecloth trick.

Maybe this video, which doesn't mention cars, will get BMW motorcycles the attention the company craves.

Photo: YouTube via BMW

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