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Bling On A Shoestring

If you've had to tighten your belt due to the current economic crunch, but still love to shop, you don't have to go unsatisfied.

There are special Web sites known only to great shopping gurus that will lead you to designer treasures sold at discounted prices.

On The Early Show Saturday, Amanda Walker, senior editor of Consumer Reports' ShopSmart magazine, told viewers her secrets to finding and buying bargain designer clothes and jewelry:

Three tips to successful sale shopping online:

1) Stick with brands you know and have tried on and fit your body.

2) Check out return policy: is it free return/ or are you paying to return the goods.

3) Surf the site frequently

Web sites she suggests:

A leading online retailer of designer brands, fashion trends and superior value. They have a lot of high end labels and get some really great deals. 40% off and up is pretty amazing. They have a great sunglasses selection. They also have a huge number of hot designer bags. The clearance section is the place to shop for even more percentage off on the items. Remember though you might be shopping designs from last season, so you should buy classics.

The sale section is a super savings webstore. A huge number of designers names; amazing number of shoes at this site..but don't be disappointed if they don't have your size.

They e-mail you about online and store designer sales:

Local sample sales in your area & samples sale 75% off

RUELALA.COM - online sample sale website is the invitation-only private sale site for apparel, and accessories... The private sale model provides consumers exclusive access to scheduled sales of upscale brands. Each private sale is brand-specific, lasts 2 days and features current season merchandise.


You look through the glossy magazines you see so many jewelry adds... but who could really afford those items. If you want a little bling....If you want the diamond solitaires or tennis bracelet, diamond look website has been around for over ten years and it sells amazing quality CZ. The CZ's have been around since 1892.Cubic zirconia jewelry is a mineral that is widely synthesized for use as a diamond. So, If you;ve got an event that you are going to and you want to have some lovely jewelry this site offers great bargains. The jewelry is set in real 14k gold. The jewelry is guaranteed for a lifetime....and unlike other CZ jewelry, Diamond Look jewelry won't cloud.

American woman's love of shoes does not have to go unsatisfied....This website, is great if you are looking for shoes...everything from Cole Hann to Betsy Johnson. The shoes are for the current season and they come and go quickly - so stay on top of this site.
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