Bill Gates won't top "World's Richest" list

Every time my PC would blow up and leave me frothing at the blue screen of death, I must confess that I would entertain revenge fantasies about what I might do if ever I got Bill Gates alone. But let bygones be bygones and hand it to Microsoft's co-founder; through a rare combination of technical acumen and entrepreneurial guts, Gates created one of the great corporations of modern times. Interestingly, he may ultimately be judged by history to have had a greater impact on peoples' lives due to his philanthropic work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Bill Gates won't occupy the top spot on the world's rich list when Forbes magazine releases its annual ranking Wednesday, according to multiple reports.

The Microsoft founder is expected to finish second place, but not because of any faulty financial planning - Gates has donated $28 billion - nearly a third of his wealth - to charities through the foundation he runs with his wife, Melinda.

Mexico billionaire Carlos Slim is expected to lead the way, with Gates following him. Investor Warren Buffett rounds out the top three, according to reports.

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