Bigger Fish To Fry

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
By now you've heard that Chicago has banned foie gras. It is now illegal for restaurants to serve it.

Foie gras, you ask? Yeah, it's the liver from an overstuffed goose or duck. The Chicago City Council voted it off the menu because the birds are treated in an inhuman manner.

Excuse the expression, but I'm with Mayor Daley: The city does have bigger fish to fry. As a curmudgeon in training I find this preposterous.

First it's foie gras and then veal and then chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Really, much of the protein we eat comes not from placid farms, but factories — giant sheds filled with thousands of animals.

Is this humane? Believe me that argument is coming. And if you don't love bean curd you'd better start hoarding your ground beef now. The new prohibition will not be against alcohol, but hot dogs and lamb chops and prime rib — all in the hometown of Al Capone.

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