"Big Bang Theory" Snub, Other Emmy Nod Surprises

Dalton Ross, Assistant Managing Editor of "Entertainment Weekly"
"The Big Bang Theory"'s continuing lack of Emmy Awards clout was one of several aspects that took one expert aback.

Dalton Ross, Assistant Managing Editor of "Entertainment Weekly" joined co-anchors Erica Hill and Chris Wragge on "The Early Show" Thursday to discuss their reactions to the 2010 Emmy Award nominations.

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One of the big surprises Ross pointed to was the lack of nods for the show, "Big Bang Theory."

"Second year in a row it's been snubbed. Jim Parsons again, getting a nomination. You find that, in shows sometimes, they focus on what they love, and Jim Parsons is the breakout star, and they push all their love into that category, best comedy actor, and then the rest of the show, no such luck," said Ross.

During the announcements, the crowd reacted strongly when "The Tonight Show with Conon O'Brien" was nominated, but Jay Leno wasn't.

Ross called that a nice consolation prize for O'Brien, because he would probably rather have "The Tonight Show." In any event, Ross believes "The Daily Show" will probably win, since it has for seven years in a row.

Ross says he wasn't surprised the Leno version of the show wasn't nominated instead.

"Conan has gotten more love from Emmy voters than Jay has. It did add a little drama to the proceedings," explained Ross.

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