A Computer Genius, His Russian Bride, The KGB And The Ultimate Betrayal

Reiser asked his good friend Sean Sturgeon to look after Nina. It wasn't long before Nina began an affair with Sean. For Hans, it was a betrayal of the worst kind and led to their separation.

Asked if Hans talks about Nina and Sean's relationship, Davis says, "What he said to me I believe was that it was very sad that things turned out the way they did. Sean was like a brother to him."

But Nina eventually dumped Sean, too, and found a new boyfriend, prosperous Bay Area businessman Anthony Zografos.

By then, Nina had filed for divorce and custody of the children. Hans was crushed. "I've seen him be extremely emotional about his kids, very loving and caring and desperate for their well being," Davis says.

Hans and Nina were in and out of court, draining them both emotionally and financially. Hans was sure that Nina was stealing money from his company-a lot of money. "There have been accusations that the money that the company got was mismanaged. Nina Reiser was the company's chief financial officer for a period of time," Davis explains.

Hans' father Ramon says he thinks between $200,000 and $400,000 is unaccounted for. Hans withheld child support payments, and eventually owed Nina more than $12,000.

Then came Labor Day weekend 2006. "It was her weekend to have the children but Hans insisted for him to have the kids so that's when she took the children to his house on Sunday," Ellen explains.

Nina dropped off Rory and Nio at 2:30 p.m.; she was supposed to meet Ellen later that evening for dinner but never showed up. "The first time I called her was at 6:45, asking her if she was running late. I called her every half hour after that. Then at 9:30, her phone went straight into the voice mail," Ellen remembers. "I thought maybe something has happened to her but I believed she was alive."

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2006, Ellen got a frantic call from Nina's boyfriend Anthony Zografos, who could not find Nina anywhere.

But before contacting the police, Ellen decided to go to Rory and Nio's school that Tuesday afternoon; Hans was to drop them off that morning and Nina was due to pick them up. "Even if something happened to her and she's able that she's alive, she's going to come pick up her children no matter what. She would've been there," Ellen says.

But Nina didn't show up.

That night, Ellen called police, who took a missing person's report. And with police standing by, Ellen phoned Hans. "I told him that I picked up the children and Nina's missing and I know that you saw her last. Do you know anything about her or where she might've gone afterwards? And his answer was, 'I want to talk to my lawyer,'" she says.

Overnight, Nina's disappearance became big news all over the Bay Area and police treated her disappearance as a missing person's case. Police did not believe she had gone back to Russia.

Detectives turned their attention to the men in Nina's life-her boyfriend Anthony, ex-boyfriend Sean, and her estranged husband Hans.

Assistant Police Chief Howard Jordan says Hans became very defensive and uncooperative. "And he did not show any remorse or any concern at all for his wife," Jordan says. "I knew that they were in the midst of a very, very bitter child custody battle."