Best Tapes To Get In Shape

Each year, the folks at Fitness Magazine get hundreds of workout videos sent to them. This year, they've compiled a list of their ten favorites. Janet Lee, the magazines fitness editor, gave The Saturday Early Show a preview.

The videos were picked because they were easy to follow, challenging, had high production values and an instructor viewers can relate to, says Lee.

Best Beginner's Yoga:

"Beyond Basic Yoga For Dummies"
What's great about this video is that it gives you so many modifications, so if you're having a hard time with a move, the instructor offers you other moves that should be easier. The tape is very non-threatening and is good for beginners as well as those who'd like to go a step beyond, says Lee.

Best Advanced Yoga Workout

"Power Yoga: The Practice"
There was a tie in this category. Tape number one features instructor Beryl Bender Birch. Lee says she offers a very nurturing, no-nonsense approach.

"Bryan Kest's Original Power Yoga: Intensive Body Sculpting"
Tape number two is conducted by instructor Bryan Kest. Lee says he's one of her favorites. She likes the way he presents postures that she finds challenging.

Best Beginning Pilates

"Pilates For The Lower Body"
This is a good video if you are just looking for a lower body workout. If you want to also do an upper body workout, you'll want to do some improvising, Lee says.

Best Pilates-Inspired Workout

"Breakthru Pilates Plus!"
Lee says that with this tape, you are just using your own body weight - no dumb bells or bands. It's great for both beginners and more advanced students.

Best Quickie Ab Routine

"Kari Anderson Curl"
The magazine loved Kari's upbeat approach, Lee says. Kari does a great job of explaining the routine. She also includes lower back exercises, which helps balance out the body.

Best Video For Steppers

"Kari Anderson Hot Steps"
Another tape from Kari, who Lee says is a great motivator. It is geared toward the advanced stepper but a beginning stepper could use it, too. The tape has great club-style music.

Best Cardio Dance Moves

"Tighter Assets Cardioblast With Tamilee
There is a major focus here on abs. Lee says another good thing about this tape is that it has a bonus 10-minute butt workout.

Best Workout For Treadmill Owners

"Treadmoves: Total Body Sports Conditioning"
This is like a bike spinning class but on a treadmill. Just be prepared, Lee says. You will need to have dumb bells on hand because you'll be asked to do biceps while you're on the treadmill.

Best De-stressor

"Discover Tai Chi PM Workout"
Scott Cole is an excellent instructor who presents a very slow and simple workout that no one should be intimidated by, says Lee.