Best baseball stadiums: Top 5 places to take in a game

Citi Field, home to the New York Mets, is located in Queens, N.Y.
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(CBS News) For baseball fans, the long winter is finally over and the big day is almost here: Monday is Major League Baseball's official opening day.

Every fan has a favorite team, but if you could choose any ballpark for the first game of the season, would you choose your own home stadium?

CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg shared his list of the top-five ballparks based on a combined score from the categories of food, atmosphere, location and architecture with "CBS This Morning: Saturday."

The fifth stadium on the list was Wrigley Field in Chicago. This stadium is known for having mostly day games, which according to Greenberg means that the atmosphere is great because you're dealing with a lot of happy people who called in sick to work to see their team play. He also said their celebrated two-pound pretzel and iconic architecture, which hasn't changed since 1922, were reasons to visit.

Fenway Park in Boston is not just known for having some of the rowdiest fans in the sport, but it has the longest consecutive streak of sold-out games of any game in America, Greenberg said.

"So you know the atmosphere is great," he said.

The 101-year-old stadium is also a good place for families because kids under 14 eat free before the third inning. The park came in at No. 4 on Greenberg's list.

The New York Mets' Citi-Field blew the other competition out of the water with its traditional deli-style food at the ballgame to come in at No. 3. "The food is very good," said Greenberg. "They have a New Yorker, the corn beef sandwich topped with sweet potato fries, and they sell 50 tons of Nathans hot dogs every year."

The second stadium on the list is also a nice bet for good eats. PNC Park in Pittsburgh boasts many specialty foods, like its Meatball Mania, which is a skewer of six meatballs with three different flavors. Greenberg also said the the intimate feel of the location, as well as being right by the Allegheny River, gave the atmosphere a huge boost.

AT&T Park in San Francisco was a big favorite, and topped the list at No. 1. The stadium, rooted in its California history, serves up its world-famous garlic fries using ingredients that come straight from Gilroy, Calif., which is the garlic capital of the world. The Giants home field also has a California wine cart with 35 varieties of local wines, so if a beer is not your thing, this park has you covered.

For Peter Greenberg's full interview, watch the video in the player above.