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Best and Worst Cities for Job Hunters

Best and worst cities for job hunters Everyone knows the employment situation varies from place to place, but putting that information to use can be difficult. One reason is the hassle of packing up and moving. Sorry, there's nothing we can do about that. But when it comes to the difficulty of knowing which cities have the least competition for gigs, job listing aggregator site has a tool that might help. The site has come up with a ratio of job listings to unemployed people for the 50 biggest cities in America, as well as a tracker to see if this ratio is improving. It's one useful bit of data to consider when pondering where to look for jobs, particularly for more mobile young people who are less likely to be tied down by kids and mortgages. According to Indeed, some of the five best job markets are rather surprising:

  • Washington, DC - 6 job postings for every one unemployed person
  • Jacksonville, FL - 3:1
  • Baltimore, MD - 1:1
  • Salt Lake City, UT - 1:2
  • New York, NY - 1:2
But the very bottom of the list is more predictable:
  • Portland, OR - 1:7
  • Los Angeles, CA - 1:8
  • Riverside, CA - 1:9
  • Miami, FL - 1:10
  • Detroit, MI - 1:18
The complete list can be found here.
(Image of Detroit by striderp64, CC 2.0)