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Bennett, Basie Band Still "Swingin'"

In November 1968, the legendary Tony Bennett released his first, and up until now, only holiday album titled "Snowfall." The album quickly became a staple of any holiday music collection.

Now, 40 years later, Bennett has teamed up with the Count Basie Big Band for a new collection of holiday classics in an album titled "A Swingin' Christmas."

With the success of "Snowfall," Bennett, 82, had been resistant to the idea of making another.

"The reason that I waited so long is I did a real classical album with the great Robert Farnon Orchestra in Great Britain. And it was so complete I just said 'No, that's' the album.' The governor's at Sony/Columbia kept saying 'It's Christmastime you need to do another Christmas album and I said 'No, that's it.' And this went on and they put different covers on it over the years."

So what changed his mind?

"Finally, my son, Danny, who manages me, came up with this great idea of just having 'A Swingin' Christmas' with the great Count Basie Band," Bennett said.

The singer made history 50 years ago by becoming the first white vocalist to record with the swing band.

"It was in the Latin Quarter in Philadelphia," adds Bennett.

"A Swingin' Christmas" is also a family affair. Daughter Antonia Bennett sings sings a duet of "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm."

"It's great. He's so wonderful," Antonia says of performing with her dad. "It's great to be with him."

Bennett, along with the Count Basie Big Band and Antonia, performed on The Early Show Monday.

And if the excitement of a new album is not enough, on Sunday night, a new granddaughter, Sadie, was born into the Bennett family.

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